2020 Novelty Chess Summer Online Course


Coach Qibiao Wang will host summer online lessons from May 12 to July 15, 2020. Lessons will be taught on WebEx and ChessBase. Recordings, assignments and PGNs will be distributed via emails. Each class size will be limited to eight so that every student gets enough attention.


Topic USCF Rating
Tuesday 18:50-19:50 Middlegame Techniques and Positional Play 1300-1600
Tuesday 20:00-21:00 Revisit World Championships and Candidates 1800-2200
Wednesday 18:50-19:50 Fundamental Endgames 1000-1300
Wednesday 20:00-21:00 Attacking Skills in Dynamic Play 1700-2100
Tuition $330/10 Lessons. Register two lessons or more will enjoy 10% off.

Time zone: Eastern Standard Time (New York)

Class size: 8

Courses run from May 12 to July 15, 2020

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Course Descriptions

Middlegame Techniques and Positional Play: This course will cover major aspects of chess middlegame techniques. The course is designed to encourage students to employ middlegame theories, methodologies to make precise calculations and concrete plans. We will cover topics such as center, open file, kingside attack, middle pass pawn, weakness, prophylaxis moves, etc..  A final test will be provided in the last lesson.

Revisit World Championships and Candidates: This course will cover most important games from recent World Championships and Candidates. Coach will emphasize the methods of opening preparations, various middlegame strategies and endgame skills in these famous games. The objective of this course is to help students build up solid opening repertoires, better analytical skills and endgame plans. A final test will be provided in the last lesson.

Fundamental Endgames: This course will cover basic endgame knowledges such as pawn endgames, knight endgames, same color bishop endgames, opposite color bishop endgames and rook versus minor piece endgames. Students are expected to employ endgame theories to solve endgame puzzles proficiently. A final test will be provided in the last lesson.

Attacking Skills in Dynamic Play: This course will cover major aspects of dynamic play in middlegames. We will cover topics such as attacking/defending resources, intermediate moves, timing, calculations, prophylaxis, and transition to endgames. The objective of this course is to help students develop solid middlegame skills in sharp positions. A final test will be provided in last lesson.

Payment and Contact Information

PayPal to NoveltyChess@Yahoo.com. (Please click send money to friends and family to avoid fees. Tuition due at registration.)

  • Sign Up Bonus: 10% off discount if register two lessons or more.
  • No play up fees
  • No registration fees.
  • No additional charges

WeChat group will be available for students and parents for after class communications. Special Sunday events during COVID-19 are also complimentary for online group lesson students.

About Coach Qibiao Wang

Current FIDE 2364, USCF 2430, 4 IM norms
Champion at Millionaire Chess Open #1 Open Section U2400 Section
2nd Place in 2014 USCL
Top Chess Coaches Prize at 50th World Amateur Team East
Coach of two World Youth Champions
Coach of more than a dozen of students who earned FM, NM titles
Passion on middlegame and endgame researches

For more information, please feel free to contact Coach Wang

You may also learn more information about my online classes at www.novelty-chess.com.

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