2018 Spring Online Class


2018 Spring Online Course Timetable.png

Eastern Standard Time.
Classes will be recorded for review. Homework will be distributed after each class.
*Starts on March 16th 2018
All other classes: March 6th 2018 to June

Course Overview

Tuesday Step 5 Plus

Build up students intuition of tactics, techniques of calculation, and endgame plans. Coach Wang will share his unique methods of calculation. All games are in one PGN file.

Tuesday Piece Coordination

Coach Wang will pick and annotate critical positions by world-renowned players. We will cover piece coordination in positional chess, such as N+P, N+R, R+B, B+P, Q+N, Q+B, R+N+B and so on. This is my latest research and will improve students’ positional skills and strategic planning skills.

Wednesday Opening Class

Coach Wang will talk about some important opening lines in 2017/2018. We will cover Open Berlin, Berlin Wall setup, Kan, Taimanov, and Rossolimo for e4 player; and Dutch Stone Wall, Open Benoni, Slav Defense, and Benko Gambit for d4 player; we will also talk about English and Semi-slav for Black.  Coach Wang will not only teach students the most solid lines in each opening, but also share his strategic plans in different structures in the middlegame.

Friday Step 3 Plus

Coach Wang will help students to build up sense of tactics, calculation skills and basic endgame skills. Students will be able to solve puzzles independently and precisely.

Friday Advanced Endgames

Coach Wang will continue talking about systematic endgame theories. We will cover N+B checkmate; R+B vs R drawing methods; R+B vs R in Philidor position; Rook vs Minor pieces; Queen endgames and Q vs R+P positions. After completion of this course, students will be confidence at endgame and will be able to make wise decision in the transition from middlegame to endgame


PayPal tuition to corke_wang@hotmail.com with students’ name and rating. If you need help for class related questions, feel free to let me know.

If you are interested in my previous classes, such as Rook Endgame Series I-III, or Basic Endgame course, you can register in summer. I will repeat some classes in each two semesters.


For more information, please feel free to contact me at Corke_wang@hotmail.com or  NoveltyChess@Yahoo.com. You may also contact me with WeChat account Chess_WQB.


Coach Qibiao Wang

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